It’s a holiday for most of America, but not at Rams Park.  The Rams did some work today on and off the field – making roster moves and practicing on Labor Day.

After sneaking his way onto the team with his versatility, Ben Guidugli has been released.  The Rams picked up a great blocking tight end in Stephen Spach, and another veteran blocker in center Tony Wragge.  Center Hank Fraley was also released.

Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo explained how tough it was to let them go.  “We had to make room.  We had to release (TE) Ben Guidugli and (C/G) Hank Fraley which again is not easy to do.  Especially when guys have been around here and have been loyal and great people, (it’s) a hard thing to do.”

New Ram Stephen Spach breaks a tackle while playing for Arizona (AP Photo: Ralph Freso)

Spach is primarily known as a blocker, bouncing around the last few years in Philadelphia, New England, and Arizona.  Wragge has played both guard positions, as well as center, in San Francisco.  “Obviously we’ve seen or gone against the 49ers so we we’re familiar with (Wragge),” he said.  “I thought he would add something to the team depth wise and the same thing with Stephen Spach.  I was actually in Philadelphia when Stephen was a rookie, so I knew him that way.  He got released…it’s a couple of those that you don’t know that are going to appear and they do, so we made those moves.”

But Spagnuolo doesn’t want to typecast Spach as just a mauling blocker, especially in a Josh McDaniels offense.  He said, “Yeah, I mean it’s like when (TE) Billy Bajema came here and everybody tags him as that.  I don’t think they particularly like that because they’re tight ends, they’re athletes.  We’ll find out what all these guys can and can’t do and try and take advantage of their assets and move on.”

Are they done?  Probably not.  But Coach Spags has faith in General Manager Billy Devaney, and his coaches.  Teaching a new system to new players goes with the territory.  “That’s why the coaches are here,” Spags said, “and I think we have a good staff to do that.  But it’s not easy to do that.  You certainly don’t want to have a lot of that going into your first game.  But most of these guys we bring in, Billy (Devaney) and his staff have done their research and we feel like that’s one of the things we put a lot of onus on, the intelligence part.  So hopefully they can get up to speed quickly.”

It’s game week, folks.  And the Rams are as excited as we are to get things going.  After an undefeated preseason, the Rams are looking forward to the challenge of facing an Eagles team that many pundits have all but given the championship to.  Spagnuolo is – without a doubt – taking the Eagles game seriously, but knows there won’t be much of a letdown in competition after it.  “The four preseason games are in the rearview mirror,” he said, “and the only game that’s in the forefront is Philadelphia.  That’s only the way I can describe it or do it.  Philadelphia is an elite team.  It’s going to be a hell of challenge, and I think our guys are looking forward to it.  But in this league all 16 are going to be challenges so we’ll try to face them one at a time and just focus on the one at hand.”

The Rams have as good a chance as anyone to beat Philadelphia.  They are not invincible (OK: sorry for the pun).  As Dennis Green once said, “You wanna crown them?  Then crown their (behinds)!”